Southern Romantic Getaway: Birmingham, AL 

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Southern Romantic Getaway: Birmingham, AL 

jim albea plateau game birminghamWhen love is in the air, it is best to share its contagious ambiance. A strong love between two people deserves to be celebrated in its own right. Nothing says “I love you” like a southern romantic getaway planned just for your special partner.

Love is love, no matter the size, shape, or genders of the people experiencing it. This unique bond transcends what anyone else can think or judge about it. For the gay male community, a romantic getaway ought to be filled with laughter, passion, and excitement. Here is a perfect destination of choice for you to have an unforgettable weekend away

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, or just any other weekend to indulge in the love between you and your partner, a romantic getaway is being called for. Birmingham, Alabama knows how to bring romance to life and keep you and your man gooey-eyed the whole two days of paradise.

Here is an itinerary for a whole weekend in Birmingham, AL to keep the romance alive and well.

Friday Afternoon/Evening

As soon as the working week is done, bring the love you hold to life. Pack your bags through the week and have everything you need ready to go so you and your man can head straight to Birmingham, AL.

Friday night is a great time to start a romantic getaway. Although you both might be a little tired from working all week, as soon as you hit the road, that fatigue will be overridden with adrenaline and anticipation.

The charm of Friday night is that you see things with a lot of gratitude. You’ve escaped the office or wherever you work and now, you’re free. This is the best time to start off your romantic weekend with total appreciation for the love you share.

Here are top recommendations on how to kick-start your romantic getaway with a Friday night to remember.

Best place to stay the night?

Choosing the lodgings for a romantic getaway is important. The main things that should influence where you end up booking should include your personal style and taste as a couple. After all, you want a room that really speaks to you and your idea of romantic.

Birmingham has many great options for accommodation. There are five star hotels and cozy BnBs all around the town. For a unique experience with plenty of charm and character why not consider staying at Cobb Lane Bed and Breakfast?

Cobb Lane Bed and Breakfast (link to Yelp)

This is an adorable BnB in a historic building, so there are already plenty of stories that the walls have to tell. Now, you can add your romantic tale to this building. Cobb Lane Bed and Breakfast is all about Victorian style comfort and total relaxation.

Here, the rooms are luxurious and the elegant breakfast served in the morning is a great way to start the day. The decor, the ambiance, and the hospitality of this fine style bed-and-breakfast will set the mood for romance. What a gorgeous way to fall asleep on the first night of your romantic getaway.

Where to have dinner?

The French make everything more fancy and romantic, so why not make your way to a French style restaurant? Chez FonFon has an elegant menu and a romantic feel to make sure your Friday isn’t lacking in love.

Chez FonFon (link to Yelp)

The upscale food comes in a relaxed yet formal atmosphere. The menu ranges from seafood delights to delicious burgers, depending what you’re in the mood for. It is worth making a reservation for this restaurant as it gets busy rather quickly. Once you’re seated and sipping on some wine or drink of choice, expect fine service and a good portion size to keep you full and satisfied.

What to do in the evening?

jim albea Birmingham romanceThe night is young, and the feeling is just right. So, what to do in Birmingham, AL? One place that really sets the scene for romance is Avondale Alfresco Beer Garden. Here you can sample a Miss Fancy’s Tripel Belgian Ale and enjoy the twinkling fairy lights that glisten under the moonlight.

After a few hours and pints here, the Ghost Train Brewing Co could be the next destination. Along with quality beverages and a cool setting that brings the outdoors indoors, there is also live music to entertain you.


Ah, Saturday. Surely this is the best day in the whole 7 day week. Today is a whole day of freedom to feel at ease and let your love grow. Saturday is a day of no pressure – Monday is still an eternity away and you need not worry about a thing. Just enjoy Saturday for every hour it offers.

Now, since Saturday can be whatever you want it to be, there is no need to set an alarm. The sights of Birmingham, AL will not wake up too early. You can have breakfast, or make it brunch if you prefer! The most important thing is that you wake up on Saturday feeling relaxed, at peace, and totally in love with the man lying beside you.

Here are some top things you can do to jam-pack your Saturday in Birmingham, AL with food, laughter, adventure, and love.

Where to go to for breakfast?

If coffee is on your priority list in the morning, the Red Cat Coffee House has you covered. This is a gorgeous cafe right near Railroad Park. The signature lattes have the whole town talking and after one sip, you won’t be surprised why.

Red Cat Coffee House (link to Yelp)

The breakfast menu is extensive and offers some good options. There are breakfast sandwiches, spanakopita, omelets, bagels, croissants, or a whole breakfast bowl. This is a quaint, cozy, and cute little place to start the morning off and enjoy some pleasant scenery out the window. Who knows, you might end up staying for two coffees!

What to do during the day?

jim albea plateau birminghamOne of the best things about choosing Birmingham, AL as your romantic destination is just how walkable the city is. There are plenty of spots for you and your partner to walk hand in hand, spreading your love around like confetti.

One Saturday mid-morning or mid-afternoon, depending on when you eventually get out of bed, head to the Railroad Park and Rotary Trail. Hopefully, the sun will shine so you can enjoy the nature at a nice leisurely stroll.

Along the trail, you can rent a Zyp Bike for just $6 for the whole 24 hours to add extra pace to your weekend. Or, you might even end up joining a dance or yoga class that happen regularly in the park. This is the perfect spot for sightseeing, people watching and soaking up a romantic atmosphere.

If the weather isn’t so crash-hot, there are plenty of other things to do indoors around Birmingham. You can check out one of the many museums for some intellect added to the romance. Or, why not do a brewery tour and taste quality beers along the way? Afternoon day-drinking never goes astray when love is in the air.

Where to grab some lunch?

Food is one highlight around Birmingham, AL. Saturday afternoon is the perfect chance to try something local and cultural. You can’t visit this fine city without indulging in the food trucks. There is something about food truck food that just tastes all the better.

The food truck scene around Birmingham, AL is something special. There is a great ambiance and vibe that seems to add extra quality to the food. The best thing about food truck dining on a romantic date is that there is freedom and no pressure. Eating local grub from the food trucks is a nice way to feel comfortable and at ease around one another.

Enjoy the fresh air, grab a patch of grass to sit on, and laugh together as you spill food on your face. From bacon-wrapped hot dogs to pastrami sandwiches and barbecue nachos and old town inspired pizza, there are plenty of options here. Just remember, you’ll be doing plenty of walking around Birmingham, AL so calories don’t count on Saturdays!

Best place to stay? 

Now, since this is your indulgent weekend away, there are two options. Either stay at the first romantic lodgings or make like Goldilocks and try out another. For something a little different, it is worth checking out the Grand Bohemian Mountain Brook Hotel in Birmingham, AL. This is a hotel, but with a twist.

Grand Bohemian Mountain Brook Hotel (link to Yelp)

First, this place spells out luxury with its location alone. It is an upscale boutique hotel that brings the southern bohemian renaissance to life. The rooms are stunning, there is an exceptional rooftop terrace to relax on, and you get unbeatable views of the Birmingham Botanic Gardens.

Where to get dinner?

Not much says love and romance like an Italian style restaurant with the word love in its name. Amore Ristorante Italiano is one of the best-kept secrets around Birmingham, AL. From wonderful food service to authentic Italian food, this place knows how to impress its diners.

Amore Ristorante Italiano (link to Yelp)

The atmosphere brings romance to life in a way that only the Italians know how to do. Enjoy some large portions and good value servings of pizza or pasta alongside some top standard Italian wine. Don’t forget to save room for dessert and romantically share cake or ice cream together (or get your own serving!).

What to do in the evening? 

Saturday nights are made for fun and adventure. Tonight might be the perfect night to check out a speakeasy. The Marble Ring is the perfect place for you and your man to stare lovingly into each other’s eyes for a while surrounded by Gatsby-esque decor and ambiance.

This dimly lit speakeasy is tucked away in privacy on top of Fancy’s on 5th. There are comfy chairs to cozy up in and delicious beverages of all varieties to sip on throughout the night. What a romantic feel!


jim albea birmingham plateau gameThis is the day that mornings are made for, waking up in paradise and peace. Sunday is a day of relaxation and Birmingham, AL will make sure that is exactly what you have. Just like Saturday, there should be no pressure to set an alarm. Hopefully, you can spare most the morning and the afternoon to enjoy yourselves together on Sunday.

After waking up on a comfortable bed in a quaint BnB or indulgent hotel, Sunday is all about slow breakfast and long coffee time. Here is your chance to sit back, admire each other and the love you share and watch the morning unfold.

Sunday is a day not to be rushed. Take your time soaking up the last sights of Birmingham, AL and make sure you remind each other of how special and unique your love is. Make the most of your Sunday with these suggestions.

Where to get breakfast?

Whether it is breakfast or brunch you’re looking for, Another Broken Egg is a place that won’t do as the name suggests. Rather, the breakfast and brunch options here include wholesome and delicious options where the eggs aren’t broken.

Another Broken Egg (link to Yelp)

There is patio dining here to start your day off alfresco, or you can sit inside if it is too chilly. Made with all fresh ingredients and an extra sprinkling of love in each recipe, the menu is extensive and enticing.

If you’re after something sweet to start the last day of your romantic getaway, the cinnamon pancakes or Belgian waffle will go down a treat. On the savory side of things are the eggs benedict or Floridian omelet. Whatever you decide to eat, don’t forget to include a brunch cocktail. Here they have a fine selection of Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas to make sure you’re doing the romantic getaway just right.

What to do during the day? 

You’ve still got another few hours to spare in Birmingham, AL, so you best make them count. Today, taking a stroll through the Theatre District will impress and please. This is something that has no time limit on it and can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

There is a fabulous historical vibe all around the area, incredible architecture, and impressively glamorous buildings. If you have enough time why not catch a show at the theatre and be inspired by a dazzling performance? If you don’t have enough time, then just make sure that your camera is fully charged so you take plenty of romantic selfies and couples shots in front of the gorgeous buildings around the area.

Whenever your romantic getaway has to end on Sunday, you’ll be walking away from Birmingham, AL with smiles on your faces and love in your hearts. With so much to see and do, so many sights to enjoy, and so many local eateries to indulge in, Birmingham, AL will prove to be an excellent choice for your romantic weekend away.

So, whether you make the plans together or surprise your beloved with a spontaneous trip, Birmingham, AL sure won’t disappoint. Pack your bags, grab a coat, and walk into the love a romantic getaway holding hands together. What memories are waiting to be made?

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