What Is JimAlbea.com?

jim albea gay man birminghamJimAlbea.com exists for one purpose: To be a resource for the Sexy, Southern Gay Gentleman and provides useful tips and information on living in the South as a gay man. Given the current political and religious climate in the South, people often discover very early on the difficulties of being part of the LGBTQ community in this region and JimAlbea.com hopes to make the experience easier for everyone.

Who Is Jim Albea?

jim albea gay marriage birminghamPeople often ask us “Who is Jim Albea?” and we reply simply:

You are Jim Albea. Your friends and loved ones are Jim Albea. From Birmingham to Atlanta, Miami to Raleigh, Nashville to Biloxi, and everywhere in between, Jim Albea exists in each and every gay man trying to make a life in the South. We chose the name because it seemed to be a very general name. Could be any one of our readers who are looking for a way to get the best out of living life in the South as a gay gentleman.

How To Contact JimAlbea.com Staff:

We are a small team of people dedicated to making the southern gay gentlemen in the South the most enjoyable and comfortable experience possible. You can reach us at admin[at]jimalbea.com and we will strive to respond as quickly as possible.