7 Great Ways To Meet Gay Gentlemen In The South

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 7 Great Ways To Meet Gay Gentlemen In The South

Meet Gay Men Jim albeaTrying to meet gay gentlemen in the south can be something of an impossibility. As you may know, the south is not exactly the ideal place where people are allowed to be out or open. Yes, there are gay bars and clubs, but you might want to have better ways of meeting gay gentlemen that may be safer, classier, and still be fun. You can try all seven of the tips that you find here and each of them can get you closer to your goal of meeting the people that will be a lot of fun for you to be around. Opportunities to meet other gay men are all over the place and they are seeking just like you.

1. Online Group Meets

Online group meets are very easy. They are simply gathering with people who you have already met online. Meeting gentlemen in social media groups can be especially fruitful because those groups tend to focus on common interests. Online group meetups also lean towards success due to you having absolute control over the groups you join. Although nothing is 100% safe, it is much safer to choose parties and meetings online where you know the audience will be mostly LGBT and are familiar with some members inside a group or community.

Meeting groups are also good because they involve a lot of chat before a physical meet up. Yes, you will have to meet these people eventually if you want to expand your social circle, but it can be a very safe way for you to start out and always have someone to talk to. It is increasingly rare to have someone as excited about your hobbies as you are, but online groups concentric to those hobbies provide exactly this benefit. You may join groups on many social sites and you can join as many as you want. There is a group for just about any interest and often groups centered around your interests in your specific area. You can also use these social groups for advice and meet ups as you travel and will serve as great gateways to meet those outside of your area.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: Check for available groups or start your own at MeetUp.com

2. Online Dating

meet gay men jim albeaOnline dating is another obvious and relatively safe way for you to meet other gay men. Because they have chosen to search in this way, opens options and serves as a security for both of you. This is a very big deal as you have to be sure that you have put up a profile that will help you remain safe. Especially in the case of being outted unwillingly. If you decide to pursue additional contact, you can meet them in public places and make sure that they are who they claim to be and are the type for which you are looking. You can do a lot of the relationship building online so that it does not take up too much of your time before you actually go and meet someone. Again, they usually feel the same way and that is what is going to make it easier for you. They will be pretty happy to meet someone who knows their struggle and you can use the online dating sites as much as you want.

Online dating gives you a lot of control and you will have chances to check out those who interest you. You can do this with relative ease, because the dating sites are generally safe and convenient given the amount devices you can use to access this medium. You also should remember that you will probably make friends this way because you will not match with everyone. Be open-minded and you can build relationships with lovers and friends.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: Try someplace new like Hornet.

3. Charitable Causes

meet gay men jim albeaThe charitable causes to which you give are a good place for you to meet people. You often run across members of the local LGBT community at functions. There are a lot of LGBT charities and others who participate in them are likely to share common interests. That alone makes it so much more simple for you to have a connection with someone and not feel as awkward about trying to meet new people. You sort of know the type of crowd before you even show up. You can do this again every time you go to an event. There are a ton of stories of people meeting when they are attending charitable functions and you could add yourself to that list.

Charitable events are also good places for you to meet people who might be in a similar situation as you. You never know what could be going on in their world and you might meet people who are also having or have had to deal with similar personal situations. It is very important that you are constantly finding places to go to give your time because not only does it help out the community, it helps you meet more of the right kind of people.

The charitable causes are going to span a lot of events throughout the year. Eventually, you will meet that person and perhaps ask them on a date.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: Try someplace local like a Chamber of Commerce to identify opportunities for charitable action.

4. Business Functions

meet gay men jim albeaBusiness functions are great due to the fact that you will meet people who are probably in a similar industry. This is not just a good way for you to network, but also a great way to grow your personal relationships. Some industries also have organizations run by members of the LGBT community to facilitate a more focused networking opportunity for members of that community. This is a great way to meet people who might better your vocational opportunities as well as your personal ones. You will have that instant connection because both of you know your way around the industry and a kind of bond over a common interest.

It is key to also remember that this can give you a mentor in the industry who might become more than that. Meeting people at business functions helps you expand your horizons. You may have a general idea of how many other gay gentlemen conduct business in your field, but you can expand your knowledge by meeting similar men with similar goals.

Business or industry based functions are very good about making sure that you have a chance to talk and chat when you meet new people. This gives you the chance to mingle with the same people over and over. This helps you get to know them. If you keep running into the same people, you will have a great opportunity learning what you can do to be a bigger part of their life and talk to them more. Something small could get a lot bigger because of these events.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: Being involved in organizations like Business Network International may be a way to get more involved.

5. Frequent Businesses Owned BY LGBT People

Going to businesses which you know are owned by members of the LGBT community is probably a guarantee to meet more LGBT community members. They are often there for the same reason, to support members in your community. Continuing to go there will allow you to meet people who share similar interests and care about the community. Being involved in these types of activities is paramount because the person who owns the business is more than likely going to invite you to events or introduce you to others in the community.

This also means that you will probably be supporting more vendors who are also LGBT community members and be involved with more people that you might get to meet. This is important because it makes it easier for you to develop the personal relationships that you need in life. Support more local businesses, meet more people, and continue to expand the number of people that you know.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: If you are unable to locate LGBT businesses in your area, contact National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

6. Move To A Friendlier Area

meet gay men jim albeaYou may find that moving to a more friendly area is more conducive to your search for a Southern gay gentleman. Even in major cities in the South, there are plenty of recreational and residential areas that are a lot more friendly and open. Yes, you may still have to be careful, but you can have a much better time of it if you move to a place that is more generally accepting. Relationships are easier to solidify in a more comfortable area and opens new avenues of possibilities. You might even get a new job and have more places to go with a small move like this. This impacts important aspects of human development allowing you to feel like you have finally found a way for you to get your body and mind in sync with your life.

When you feel safer and more confident, you will have an easier time meeting people. When you have access to more people who are like you and share common interests and desires, you will be happier. You will also notice how much easier it is for you to have a way to get your life to change the moment you turn up in a location that makes you feel like you belong. That sense of belonging can change your life.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: Wikipedia created a great list by state that lays out the LGBT “villages“.

7. Attend Art Functions

meet gay men jim albeaArt functions, while potentially stereotypical, can often a place where you are going to meet a lot of gay men who have an interest to see the same things. Again you may have a common interest when you show up and you will often find that other gay men enjoy similar functions. This could be a gallery fundraiser that you do every year or it could be a special concert that you like to go to.

In the process of going to these events, you can get very involved in something for which you have a strong belief and passion. You will get to know people who feel just as strongly about it as you. Seeing them at the same events for the same kinds of things will naturally spark an interest. In this solution, you can go to a lot of nice and interesting places to meet people that are also fulfilling to the need for human connection.

Jim Albea.com Team Recommends: For music, we recommend Bands In Town. For other forms of art, reach out to your nearest art museum for guidance.

You can easily meet gay men in the south but you do have to be careful and use your wits when you are choosing the places that you want to go. Each of these 7 ways to meet gay gentlemen can all make it pretty easy for you to meet other gay men in an accepting environment. In the process, you will meet more people and make more friends that will allow for you to have the good time you need. All of these activities will, at least, bring you some new friends and have you feeling pretty good for having all these options at your disposal.

7 Great Ways To Meet Gay Gentlemen In The South
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7 Great Ways To Meet Gay Gentlemen In The South
Meeting other gay men in the south can be a struggle, especially for those who are concerned about the stigma of being "out" in the South. We provide a few new ways to meet gay men safely and with confidence.
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