5 Best Gay Chat Sites And Apps For Southern Gay Men

5 Best Gay Chat Sites And Apps For Southern Gay Men

best gay social network jim albeaWe are in the age where we can reach the world with one click or touch. The Internet has broken the limits of traditional dating for different sexual orientations, especially for gay chat. This technology has increased the chances of getting a date. Gone are the days of having to attend numerous parties, to participate in mandatory work outings, to join countless weddings, and to be regular in clubs. One can simply stay at home or café, get connected to Wifi and enjoy talking to friends and strangers while having a hot coffee or favorite dinner through chat sites.

As popular chat apps and site maybe, still gay chat lines are among the few options for gay people to interact and discuss things they value and love.

Gay chat and dating apps or sites provide a communication and socialization avenue tailored for gay men. These gay chat sites and applications have filter features. These filter options on dating sites and phone apps identify people from a large pool of users eventually provide the best match for gay chat. This matching opens the door to possibilities of knowing people can they can be friends with or better, fall in love with. Before proceeding to the gay chat, one can input his preference or what he is looking for a chat mate. Examples are the height of the potential dating partner, body built, interests, and as well as their nationality. These filtering options allow gay chat more comfortable and confident in their selves because they know they already have something in common that they can start with.

There are many chat and dating apps and sites available online but here are few of the top free gay chat apps and sites which are easily accessible through free download for everyone:

1. Jack’d

gay chat jim albeaThis gay chat line and dating app is available on all cell phones, gadget or computer’s operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. The app is popularly known for its ability to connect people based on their locality. Jack’d uses user’s location for filter and matching making it one of the best gay dating and chat mobile app and site. It is Tinder-like wherein your device can detect a match close by.

Another unique feature gay chat app and site is its “scenes.” The scenes help a user in a minority be found easily of those who are on the same “scene.” The “scenes” are like a classification of users making Jack’d one of the most diverse gay chat sites. “Scenes” include Twinks, Bears, Big Muscles, Strictly Friends, LTR (Long Term Relationship) and Bi/Straight-curious. These help users to know themselves and explore who they are and what they want.

Since the app and site have many users, definite filters are part of the user interface. The filter helps in classifying users regarding their age, their physical features such as their height if they are new users or old users, the presence of picture on their profile to a more broad classification of race and ethnicity. These specifics help people to make quick decisions about who to engage in a gay chat and not to.

The app gives the user the liberty to determine how much and what information he wants and doesn’t want to reveal with respect to privacy. This makes Jack’d one of the safest dating gay chat app for the gay community. With the customized ability to be notified quickly through push messages, the app quickly connects people who would love to talk.

The gay chat app works by virtually matching users with similar preferences. The preferences, in, this case, can be in the form of where these potential gay lovers love to hang out and if they have common sports interest, or they are passionate about regarding playing and commentating. After matching different users, notifications are sent to both, and it is up to the two users to initiate the chats and if they are compatible with a relationship latter.

The app in accordance with the international law on the definition of a grown up only allows gay men aged 18 years and above. The gay chat app is available in free and paid versions.


gay chat jim albeaGydoo is a free gay chat line available as an app for all mobile operating system as well as in laptop or computer’s browsing. It is free and downloadable in Google Play or App Store but also ready for use in Google Chrome or other browsers. There is no subscription fee required to sign up. The app allows the user to remain anonymous and can sign in by uploading a picture and selecting his age limit. The registration is therefore not a requirement. The idea of protecting identity is crucial to some gay men for privacy and personal reasons. Gydoo secures users’ vital information.

As stated on their website, Gydoo allows users to “Do whatever you want to do.” Users are free to decide whether they just want to chat or use gay cam chat for more personal conversations. Chat partners have the choice to be friends or to put their relations into the next level of intimacy. They can exchange pictures, videos or use the gay cam.

This gay chat site is like a mix of Chatroulette and Omegle. The user can easily come and go in a conversation. Through the profile picture, the user can proceed to chat if he likes him or proceed to the next available match in just one click. Gydoo will never bore you as can leave a chat which is not interesting or comfortable anymore.

Gydoo promises a “100% anonymous” gay chat experience, all for free. The free gay chat does not keep personal information of users; hence registration is not required to avail its service. Only a profile picture of your choice is needed to start the chat. Users can also go incognito mode when using browsers for a trace-free gay chat. This feature works best for closeted gay as they can enjoy expressing themselves without revealing their true identity to friends and family.

This gay chat line has no limits so users can talk as long as they want. These users can deeply know potential partners by spending more time with them. They can also talk outside Gydoo like Skype or connect on Facebook if they want to be more intimate in their relationship.

Gydoo though age restricted (should be 18 years old and above to use its gay chat cam and line) has millions of users so gay men can have a lot of profiles to choose from. It is an open gate to other gay men across the globe.

3. FriendFinder-X

jim albea gay chatIt is dating site which requires account creation to use their gay chat service. Personal information is needed together with username and password to log in and interact with other users. It is not an all-inclusive gay dating site, but you can customize the account using filter option on the site and only interact with gay men.

This free gay chat is a hybrid of both dating and chat site. It allows users to post photos and videos of themselves without any restriction. Other members can view and leave comments on one’s profile picture. The pictures and the videos can range from day to day photos to erotic ones. Any user interested in specific profiles can create a list of what he thinks is good under a subsection in the site popularly known as “hot list.” The site then uses the feedback from users’ reactions to form a list of what they found hot and attractive. From these records formed by the site, users can now use the statistics to build on conversations.

The filter capability of this gay chat line as earlier mentioned serves many purposes and not just to adjust the site to optimize gay content. The site by the use of filters uses the details to fine tune the site. Some of them include information about who is currently online, as well as their location.
Although the site requires the user to provide their details while signing up, their activities while on the site are safe and private. The user password assures that only you, the user can access the gay chat account and in case he forgets the password, the email address used during signing up is used in password recovery and reset.

Joining the site is free but other services require payment. The gay chat cam section that also allows the user to access live erotic videos requires a subscription. The money spent helps the user access multiple high definition live videos as well as have a conversation with other members that that paid. There is value for money on this site. Customers have rated the site well over the years as one of the best.

4. Chaturbate

jim albea gay chatIt is the world’s largest gay webcam site. It is a live video-based site with texting from the active audience. It is more of an interaction and chatting site than a dating site. Signing up is free. The general viewing is also free. It is an ideal site if one does not want to spend money on gay cam chat videos.
However, if one wants a private session with any of the gay models, they pay in the form of tips.

To have suggestions for better and customized watching of the male models, the person uses his credit card to pay the site. The payment made helps the user possess tokens. The token is the money for transacting business on this site. Then the tokens are converted into tips for the models during private gay chat sessions or in cases when the user expects the model to do something beyond what the site stipulates as general and free. The models get 60% of the total tips while the site retains 40%.
It functions just like other gay chat webcam sessions. One has to login in and select what model they want to depend on which gay model is live.

Being the largest webcam site, it has a variety of models from different skin color, height, and physical appearance. During the session, the active audience directs the models on what to do using texts that run through the screen. The tokens fund the active audience instructions and this, therefore, the customized sessions are limited to time.

The site acknowledges the age factor. The entire active user must confirm their age before to be allowed to watch any live videos. They must be 18 years or above for legality. The site is safe. There is a protection of login details, and the features are not accessible by a third party.

5. Talk with Stranger

jim albea gay chatThis free gay chat site has many chat rooms. It is available in Google Play and App Store. Its purpose as its name intended is for everyone to know anyone anywhere about anything. Through this gay chat app and site, strangers may become friends, lovers, and stay strangers.

It is user-friendly as no registration or sign up is required to start the free gay chat. Users can exchange thoughts and conversations with just one click. It is also absolutely free. They can also send photos, videos or have a gay cam chat with each other if they want.

It is age compliant and users that are not yet 18 years old are not eligible to use this app. This makes the site a more mature and objective to its mandate, which is chatting and making friends. It is also worth noting that it is a safe site, as the user only reveals the information they are comfortable to show and remain to have the right anonymous.

Since it is a free app and a free site, the customer satisfaction cannot be equated with money. The value of the site and therefore can only be determined by the quality of the gay chat. The more engagement, the more the other person will have been open and the more the discussion will flow freely.

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